All the Men I Have Loved: We All Need Someone


September 16, 2014 by Kambili M.A. Chimalu

The first day I met him, I was at a party. My friend had dragged me to a party where there was no familiar face. I was antsy, so I decided to occupy the space in the farthest corner of the room. As I sat there, I took the time to access my surroundings and gauge the caliber of people present. I paid particular attention to the guys, wondering if the love of my life was in the room just waiting to set his eyes on me. My mind raced through all the romantic flicks I had watched, where soulmates locked eyes from across the room and just knew that they were in love. “I could love anyone here” I whispered to myself. While I was waiting for fate to connect me to my love, I decided to help Cupid along by eliminating the unlikely candidates. I wanted to be ready when my soulmate gazed longingly at me from across the room.

“Not the guy in blue shirt. He has talked to no less than 3 ladies here.”

“Not Mr. Smile. He has been smiling sheepishly all night. No one can be that happy.”

“Not Mr. Bagged. The lady with him has not given him any breathing room.”

As I was busy eliminating candidates from the pool of potential boyfriends, the DJ pierced my ears with his screams of “It’s time to get downnnnn!”

That was when I saw or rather, heard him. I heard his voice first. As I was cursing the DJ for interrupting my reverie, my Mystery Guy’s voice floated merrily into my ears. His voice was coming from behind me, so I didn’t want to seem too obvious by turning to take a look. I decided to content myself with just the sound of his soulful voice.

“I have found him” I said to myself.

He was engaged in a deep conversation with someone I didn’t recognize.

His friend was telling him how difficult it was to approach ladies.

He responded to his friend with, “If you see a girl you like, don’t just stand there. Make a move, compliment her and invite her to have a drink with you.”

Immediately, I started praying that he would invite me to come have a drink with him. It didn’t happen that night.

When my friend found me, I immediately asked for his name and stats. My friend laughed at my eagerness, but told me his name nonetheless.

I resolved to find out everything I could about him, so that I could help fate in arranging our “accidental” meeting. I didn’t want to seem stalkerish, so I decided to inquire about him from just mutual friends.

I heard my heart breaking into a million pieces when the first friend, A, I asked told me that My Mystery Guy was married to a fine chocolatey somebody. I was not convinced. “Maybe my friend is just playing with me” I thought.

I resolved to ask other friends. The next friend, B, I asked had pictures to collaborate his story. As I looked at picture after picture, I fought back tears. They were smiling in the pictures, but pictures can be deceiving, so I decided to find out about their marriage.

I asked yet another friend, C. This friend was close to him in school, so he had a lot of details. He told me that the chocolatey somebody was my Mystery Guy’s “omoge” (beautiful girl) from their Campus days and that my Mystery Guy would say Good morning to her every morning with a ready cup of tea.

They were happy together it seemed. I was torn between being happy for the person that had him and wanting him for myself. I resolved to he happy for the chocolatey somebody, but every once in awhile, I would catch myself wishing I had him instead.

I was afraid that my subconscious had been offering prayers to God because a little while later, news began circulating that they were divorcing. His chocolatey somebody tried to hush everything up by denying the impending divorce, but my Mystery Guy made it clear to everyone that the marriage was over.

With that, the divorce became one ugly spectacle. His chocolatey somebody sued him and urged the court to freeze his assets pending the resolution of the divorce, but the court did not agree.

One victory for my Mystery Guy.

Again, I resorted to asking our mutual friends how my Mystery Guy was doing. I went back to my friend, C. Friend C truthfully told me that even though my Mystery Guy was feeling free, he was down and needed somebody.

I was happy to hear that because I believe the person he needs is ME.

Wish me luck ;).

Disclaimer: If you have read this far, I salute you. Now I want to tell you who all these people are: Mystery Guy = Brymo, Chocolatey Somebody = Chocolate City Records, Friend A = Google, Friend B = Facebook, Friend C = YouTube, and songs referenced = Ara, Omoge Campus, Good Morning, Truthfully, Down, and We All Need Something.

You are welcome to go back and read it again. 😉

7 thoughts on “All the Men I Have Loved: We All Need Someone

  1. A Witty Fool says:

    LOL. Love that bait and switch! This is my first time on your blog and I was already, in my “righteous indignation” and “judgmental” place, going: “no, she is not on the internet talking about hoping somebody’s marriage fails so that she can get the guy! I am soo not ever coming back to this page!” LOVE it! will definitely be back.


  2. tessadoghor says:

    This is great PR for Brymo. Are you his PR manager?
    Love it, love it, love it.

    Great meeting on here.
    I have several blogs
    Visit one by clicking on my name.


  3. Hahaha. You had me going for a minute. I was like ha!!! SpeakNoEvil!


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