image I am an opinionated Nigerian who manages to hope, despite numerous evidence to the contrary, that better days are ahead for all Nigerians. I love to engage in lively dialogue, so feel free to throw whatever you’ve got at me. I can handle it … Scout’s honour. Also, I am a humanist, closet film critic, reader, spare-time-writer, romantic-ish, human who believes that the world will turn a little more smoothly if everyone does what I say. Wow!!! World domination. That would be … interesting.

Now that I have shed some insight on who I am, it will only be fair that I talk a little bit about why I do this.
Why I do this: I have a lot to say about the state of things in Nigeria and the world in general, so what better way to say whatever I want to say than to have my very own personal blog where I will not be bound by other people’s idiosyncrasies. More importantly, I want to be a part of the conversation that is going on among the youth on the ways to make Nigeria a greater nation. I want to be a part of the change that occurs.

What I hope to achieve: I want this blog to serve as a sort of journal for my thoughts. It will be an archive of opinions that I can look back on ten years from now and see how much I have evolved as an individual. Also, if I can reach even just one individual with my updates, I would have contributed my quota to society. Moreover, I want people to challenge and question my beliefs. I cannot evolve as an individual unless I hold my beliefs up to scrutiny.

Challenges I may Face: I am a procrastinator and a professional non-committer. It will be difficult for me to regularly devote the time necessary to run this blog, but I am teaching myself discipline. I may stumble and fall, but I promise that I will at least give it my best.

To My Readers: I love you.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nedoux says:

    Hi Kambili,

    I am pleased to meet you, like you, I am firmly optimistic that change will come in Nigeria. I can’t imagine otherwise.

    Your name will always remind me of Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus.

    Ah! Don’t we all struggle with procrastination. 😀


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The Author

My name is Kambili M.A Chimalu. This is a space where I share my thoughts, from the highly controversial to the mundane. I would love nothing more than to share this space with people who will motivate me to work towards a better tomorrow, so I welcome anyone that wants to share this space with me.

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